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Scam In Uadreams? Hmmmm.. I don't think so!

Hi, people! Are you that lucky boy that don't want to be scammed first before you got registered on some dating Russian sites? Frankly speaking this subject is really amusing for me as we could have many debates like I see on the other discussing places like this one. I want my review to be approved by some facts so let's go specifically to the point.

If you want to be a member of Uadreams, you have to be sure that no scam would be offered to you inadvertently. So! How can we detect scam if it is there?

I got letters from men who think that they speak with girls that seemed to kind to them and that goes very strange to their mind. It's like something different in modern world, unnatural, innocent and good. This is another way of communication if you cannot feel suspicious and behave suspiciously with women. Anyway is there any scam notice if someone talks to you kindly and the way you expected before?

We wanted to clarify all aspects of this question and have one example for you to distinguish.

Olden cannot accept his Marina (lady is a member of to be very kind with him and to meet him in real life as soon as possible. She was excited but did not express any hesitation with a meeting a man of her dreams.

"My Boy,
My best wishes of a good day to you, dear, I really hope that you feel perfect as this day is a new one and give us an opportunity to think about each other and to plan our meeting properly. What I feel now? I'm impressed about this feeling. I like to be in it totally. It warms my heart and nearly burns in and when it beats so fast I'm almost lose control. I can't wait the day I ‘ll meet you, hug you, hold you closely and kiss you hardly. I hope this day will happen in my life.

Such a poetic and marvelous message of a fallen-in- love woman! Is that a true message directed to a certain man or just a piece of scam?

Let's analyse.

As I know Ukrainian women are really patient and poetic creatures, they are educated, they like to read much and surely they use more and more phrases from fiction or some romantic book. Probably there isn't anything else to demonstrate your entire feeling.
My comment: indifferent.

This case is special one as men usually imagine that if they mention some worlds about their coming to Ukraine or anything like that, women escape this in letters as much as possible and try to find another topic for a long conversation. Supposedly some dating websites work like this: they lure men for corresponding, take site traffic and got their male members for letter credits, more and more, every time to continue their membership or increase the quantity of ladies they talk with.

May be ladies can be fatalist for example if something else comes up, there is nothing to be done with no meeting. I talked to Uadreams about this point and mental characteristics of Ukrainian women and we have many interesting facts for you to share.

As Uadreams representative explained Ukrainian women are afraid to loose their happy state and all details connected with this feeling. Referring to the letter above, we have her deep desire to meet this man as soon as possible as she may waste her time with permanent waiting or have any competitress in this match. If she is not the first, someone else would be the first one! Why it is so? That's all about Ukrainian men!

Keep the point and please read another letter below:

"My Dear Doran, May be my message is little bit harder for you to comprehend but right now I sit here at this table with this computer and type some important words for you to read! My first and the only one virtual relationship with you is something special that tends to be afraid of. Why afraid? I am about to think that one day my fairy tale will end and we will never be like this any more. My obtrusive thoughts caused this fear and they also caused my greatest wish to see you. I mean here in Ukraine what is obviously. And after that if everything will be all right we can meet again and again, day after day. That is what I want. And hope you too. I am very sorry for pushing you and I understand that this is expensive spendings but I hope that you will have a time to consider about this point. I really hope that you have the same intention, that would calm my heart and brighten my mind. With love, Karina"

Ukrainian women are threefold part of the whole population. Can you imagine what poor women should proceed just to be married? They understand that their position is special and extraordinary. They are not the only one in the market. If she doesn't match, there is the next one. Men are pampered with love and attention. Women do everything possible to look perfectly, to cook perfectly, to behave perfectly, to be Ms. Perfect, to use every single minute to attract a man! What a hard deal! The fresh advise women received from the internet: international dating websites. They catch this opportunity as a swizzle stick! Her intention with Uadreams is to meet you as this is one of the effective way to verify if you are that one she needed all these years.

Still if you have any fear about scam notices, have her questioned with specific points, try to back he to the past, use video chat to see her reaction - gesticulation emphasizes the speech and usually tells us where is a lie.

The conclusion I receive with Uadreams gives is a general Ukrainian lady's behavior. If she is confident in her future, oh, sorry, in your common future, you both of course! - she will be yours in all sides of life: a lover and a friend and this is the least!

Don't be afraid if your woman wants to see you, be afraid if she escapes you.


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Hey guyz indeed I'm falling behind those courageous men who still get success in dating. You know, I'm tired of Tinder and I'm out if all my life is swiping right or left. My considerable post is a kind of pain I could share with you but today I want to have some direct advices to see or to read. Actually if I see the word "russian" that doesn't make me sad or upset or angry. I think I feel nothing with that and having some particular info here I can see "mail order" and "brides", sounds like an advertisement. Right? Standard post about russian dating influence into the world dating within online platforms.